2019 Applications for the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program are now open

The Tony Elumelu Foundation has opened applications for the 2019 group for the TEF Entrepreneurship program which has set aside a total of $100 million in grants for 10 000 African entrepreneurs before the year 2023.

In itself, the program is expected to create at least 1 000 000 new jobs and generate $10 billion in new revenue across Africa. The program was started back in 2014 and has been running for 5 years now and is expected to end in 2023.

For eligibility to apply to the TEF Entrepreneurship Program, you must be an African Entrepreneur running an existing startup with high growth potential. For a business idea, before you apply, you have to make sure that your business idea is innovative and transformative. It can’t be another social network or something that won’t make an impact on the African continent.

You might be asking what inspired Tony Elumelu to start such an ambitious program targeted at African Entrepreneurs. The answer to that is simple, and it’s based on a philosophy that Tony refers to as Africapitalism. The program is based upon 5 pillars which all coherently work to help the selected entrepreneurs grow their ventures and enterprises.

Being a member of the TEF Entrepreneurship Program will afford you the following benefits:

1. $5 000 in seed capital to invest in your business. Note that the capital is not based on any agreement, it’s neither a loan nor equity-based capital.

2. One on one mentoring by specialized business development mentors to help grow your venture.

3. You will be taught the principles of business development.

4. Exclusive invitation to Pan – African Meetups where you will get the opportunity to network with like-minded African entrepreneurs who are also working on their own businesses and ventures across Africa.

5. A free invitation to the Annual Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship forum which is the largest gathering of African Entrepreneurs held annually on the continent.

To apply for the 2019 cohort of the TEF Entrepreneurship program, visit www.tefconnect.com which is the largest Digital Networking platform for African Entrepreneurs.

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