A look into resistance and how it can make or break you as an African Entrepreneur

Most people usually have very big dreams, they want to go back to school, start this amazing business, write this life-changing blog. The only problem is that they never do it. The reason they never do it is not that they don’t want to, it’s because of something we call resistance.

Resistance manifests itself in many forms but in short, its sore purpose for existence is to limit you and keep you at bay so that you do not find the guts to go after what you want.There’s this interesting thing about each and every human being, we are all born mediocre and naturally scripted to frown whenever we want to chase after a big dream.

Africans specifically, still have the DNA of hunter-gatherers as most of us are not even 6 generations away from their culture. This makes us more risk-averse and afraid of taking huge risks even though the rewards may be huge as compared to that initial risk.

How does this fill up into the whole subject of resistance? Simple, reflect a year back from today and look at the plans you had then and the things you wanted to achieve? How many of those have you achieved so far? If your answer to the question is none, then there is a chance resistance worked against you.

An entrepreneur is more or less like an Artist. Artists are known for having an above average imagination. Ask any author you know, before they sit down to write, they already have the mental image of what they want to write in their head. For them, imagining, dreaming and seeing the words is easy, the difficult part is putting them to paper. Sitting down to write is way more difficult than writing.

Before they get to write, resistance presents itself to the author in the form of procrastination or fear of criticism. Some manage to beat the resistance and get down to writing, others don’t. That’s why it is said the greatest books ever written ended up in the minds of the authors who were supposed to write them, fear just could notlet them do it.

As an Entrepreneur, maybe you had this brilliant idea in your mind. You wanted to start a life-transforming initiative and company that would employ thousands of people and make you a million bucks.

But as you thought more and more of it, things startedcoming to you in bits, the mammoth task creating such a company would be, whatyou would have to give up, the fear of being told no by investors, the little knowledge you had on the industry and a lot of other things.

The more you thought about these things, the more you procrastinated until you told yourself that you’d just try on another thing and with it the death of your company before it even materialized. What if I told you all those reasons you give yourself are not valid, they aren’t real. It’s resistance talking to you, your risk-aversive nature speaking to you and trying to push you back to something less risk-averse and more mediocre.

That little voice in your head that tells you no everytime you think big is not good for you, it’s resistance speaking, pushing you away from going after what you really want.

ost successful African entrepreneurs today are a success because they learnt to ignore the little voice by choosing to believe in something greater, their dreams.

The most successful African entrepreneurs today are a success because they learnt to ignore the little voice by choosing to believe in something greater, their dreams.

And yes, just like a writer, when he/she thinks of writing something but stays on the couch, resistance will keep bombarding him/her with reasons why she shouldn’t get up to write but the moment she gets of the couch, gets on her desk, opens her text editor and types the first word, all thosethoughts magically go away and word after word, she goes into a state of flow and create an explicable work of art.

As an Entrepreneur, if you think of an idea, do not stay on the couch and delegate it to another day, just figure out what you need to do next and do it right away. After doing that first thing, do the next thing and keep on working until you see your idea shape into a venture.

That moment, the moment of shaping, the moment you see a little light at the end of the tunnel is all you need to find the strength to ignore every other voice that speaks and keep on going.

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