Strategizing for success in 2019, 5 things you can do

Most people, given the choice between ‘new year, new me’ and ‘new year, same old shit’ would go for ‘new year, new me’. Pretty obvious right. January is the month of fallen dreams. Every January, people sit down to strategize for the year ahead, they set goals, they visualize how the year is going to be the one they’ll make everything turn around for them by either starting that business they’ve always wanted to or go back to school or hire another employee which is all good except that it never happens in most cases.

We are so addicted to planning, it’s just that we never find the courage to get up our A#$%#@ and do what needs to be done which is why most people will have quit on their dreams for 2019 and already looking towards 2020 before January is even over. It’s messed up, I know but that’s the reality.

As an entrepreneur running a business in Africa’s tricky business environment, planning ahead can be tough because, in Africa, a lot of things can happen in a year that will render your initial plan useless. Nevertheless, if you want to succeed and make 2019 your year(finally!), here’s what you can do.

1. Set your goals

Entrepreneurs don’t set resolutions, that’s for children, we set goals. And goals are data-driven. Before looking ahead into 2019, start by reflecting on 2018. What is it that happened in the year? What worked, what didn’t, where do I need to improve and where must I stay the same? Look at those things business-wise and reflect on them as they will act as the skeleton to your business goals for the coming year.

2. Plan

Once you have your goals in sight(which shouldn’t be more than 5), start to work on a plan on how to achieve them. When working on a plan, one thing you need particularly as an entrepreneur is clarity. If you set a goal and have a plan for achieving that goal, a nine-year-old should be able to follow that plan and achieve the very same goal. Don’t be vague.

If you aim to increase your revenue by 50%(which is your goal) and plan to achieve this by increasing your productive capacity, try to drill down into how you are going to increase that productive capacity. Again, don’t be vague.

3. Invest

Every strategy needs resources. Now that you have your goals and a plan to achieve those goals, you need to invest in the plan. For example, your goal is to read at least 20 business books by December 2019, which is great. If you do not take personal money to the bookstore to purchase the 20 books you need to read, you won’t achieve your goal. If you do not invest the time needed to read those books, you will not achieve your goal. Success has a price and the price must always be paid.

Of course, there are a lot of other things to be done for success in 2019 but they cannot diminish the importance of having a clearly thought-out strategy.

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